converting from a console to a GUI app in VC++

I’ve got an OpenGL app (it runs a webcam and shows some 3D graphics over the webcam’s picture) that’s a console application. Right now it’s got a couple “buttons” it creates as an overlay, but they’re inadequate. I’m an experienced programmer, but have very little experience with OpenGL and I’ve been tasked with creating a GUI, with maybe a panel in the window that the webcam (with the opengl stuff) can be shown in.

Sorry if this isn’t the right forum! I simply have no idea where to start, and was hoping someone could help me find a good jumping-off point.

Never tryed, but glui is well-integrated with OpenGL :

I heard good things about Qt also. And its licensing is even simpler now they have lgpl.

WxWidget could also handle external GUI, or CEGUI for more beautiful GUI control.

I would recommend Qt as well, although the LGPL version (Qt 4.5) is yet to be released.