converting 3d format to bmp or jpg or gif format

I cant understand how to convert my own file containing info about vertex coords & colors, faces, cells into a gif or any format so as to view it in a browser. I am able to renfeder it on a X11 window using Qt libraries. Is there any funtion in OpenGL or Qt that can convert the rendered image into gif etc format?? I need urgent HELP!!.

Use glReadPixels and use the data to save it to a format of your choice. You can find the specifications for many different formats (not just image formats) at

If there are maybe Linux/X11 functions that will save the data to an image file, but I’m not familar enough with the API for X to say. Maybe someone else knows of some. If not, your stuck writing out the correct format yourself.

you could always just tap the print screen button and go to any aplication where you can paste a picture (like paint) and paste it. this gets you a dump of the whole screen so you might want to crop the picture. then you save it, upload it or whatever.