I want to use 3D modeling animation
software(3DS Max R3, Poser 4, Maya 2.0) to create a 3D model and display it in 3D scene of my own program. But I don’t know how to convert 3D animation file format to OpenGL date architecture and function. I want to use that date and function in my program.
Please supply or introduce some tool software that can transform 3D file to OpenGL date and command.
I hope that the OpenGL function that would be used in my program could be implemented through accelerator hardware.
Now I want to know whether a OpenGL function(for instance NURBS) could be implemented by accelerator(for example Permedia2 ).
Please teach me how to test the ability of accelerator to perform a OpenGL function, and how to enable that ability in 3D program. I hope that you can illustrate it through C langrage.
Thank you !

Sorry, lion!

This is not an easy task!

If you use maya, you should export your modell as maya ascii file, and PARSE it!

As I said it’s definetly NOT that simple. You just can’t create a modell with maya, and expect to import it into OpenGL “on-the-fly” (I wish it would be so simple).

Sorry, you have to put a lot of sweat into this! (You should check out the Aliaswavefront homepage!)

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Major programmingsites, like,,, usually contain informations on loading 3d objects. Since 3d objects can be complex, it’s not too easy to load them, as lgrosshennig said.

Concerning hardware acceleration, you dont have to anything to get them accelerated by your hardware. It’s just a driver issue. If your hardware and driver support hardware acceleration, there is nothing you have to do to get it working, else, it will run in software.

At least some information…


There are programs out there that will give you the c++ code of your object so you can just #include it into your program. check out On the other hand, I dont know of any tool out there that takes care of animation convertion…