Convert 3D model file to .h format

How can i Convert 3D Model file into “.h” format ?

One path people have taken is to first export or convert the model into .obj format. Then do an obj to .h conversion. Apparently people have written scripts to do this. I’ve never tried them. Try Googling “obj to .h”.

A similar path is to convert a model directly into .cpp and .h files. I used to do that quite a bit using an export option in the ‘Deep Exploration’ package from ‘Right Hemisphere’. You can download a trial version for free. It probably comes with an expiration date or max # of exports limitation. Then you have to buy it. It’s expensive.

You may also try asking the forum - ‘How can I import a 3D model into an OpenGL application’? You’ll probably get some suggestions that you hadn’t thought about. And they’ll probably be better than converting the model into a .h file.

Good luck.