Converstion in OpenGL

How do i change code that is made for a console appliction into something that works for the screen type in open gl?
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All windowing systems have an API to create windows etc. If you make those calls you will get a window.

In addition where OpenGL is supported there is always a platform specific API to allow 3D OpenGL drawing contexts to be created and associated with the platforms windows.

In addition to this some Operating systems will create a command line style β€˜console’ if you have a program that starts with main. Windows requires a winmain function instead of main if you want to avoid a console. Whether or not you have a console you can still create a 3D graphics window in Windows.

The details of creating a window can be tricky for beginners so to get things started quickly just use GLUT or a similar API to do the windowing and get yourself started quickly on the 3D stuff.