Controlling XrWaitFrame behaviour when render time too long

Hi again,
If I understand corretly then the runtime can react in two ways to a call to XrWaitFrame when application render time did take to long.
A - return immediately
B - skip frame and return next frame
We would like that the XrWaitFrame will always return immediately in that case. Can we force that behaviour?

(I’m not sure your understanding is right: there’s not a direct line from “render took too long” to one of your two options. If it took too long, the frame you were aiming for has already passed, and it had to synthesize that from a previous frame. The runtime will then adjust its estimate of how long you take to render and return from xrWaitFrame next time based on that updated estimate.)

No, not in general. If you want to increase your render quality, I think it’s probably best to do it gradually, since my impression is that runtimes will give you a little more time than they think you need, to avoid missing frames.

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