Controlling blend shapes exported from maya in openGL.

Hi everyone!!

I think it’s great to join to this opengl forum.
I have been developed 3D games in unity world so that I am new in opengl programming.
I made a 3D facial model in maya with blend shapes for various facial expressions and control the blend shapes in opengl.(just in progress of developing AR emoji like a camera app in Samsung S9 phone or in Iphone X).

Could you help me to solve my serious problem for this?

Looking forward to kind and reliable reply.

Best Regards.

I could try, if you tell me how the actual problem looks like :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the OpenGL Forums, panopengl.

Please read The Forum Posting Guidelines. In particular, Posting Guidelines #3 and #4. It’s a bit hard for folks to help you if you don’t state what your problem is, and describe how it relates to OpenGL.