Controller jitter

Even in the hello-xr sample I have bad controller jitter. However, the hmd motion is smooth. This is on vive pro, win 10. There is no controller jitter in steam vr lobby and other applications. Is there a way to enable some smoothing? The controller in hello-xr looks like it is updating at 30fps or worse.

I enabled direct mode in vive developer settings and it looks much better. Can this be forced from openxr? I don’t want to rely on the user to set it.

If you mean the direct mode in SteamVR, it is not supposed to be off by default. The alternative Extended Mode is an old artifact that hasn’t been supported for a long time.

If it was off, some possible causes could have been GPU driver issues, or at some point plugging the HMD into a GPU that doesn’t support direct mode.

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:+1: That explains it. I swapped videocards recently and got a black screen and had to update drivers.

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ah, that makes sense. You may consider using DDU to cleanly, fully uninstall old video drivers and do a fresh install, because indeed, nobody should intentionally be using extended mode in this decade.

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