Context lost on Intel GMA

After minimazing GL app window on computer with Intel GMA, I get window which doesn’t redraw. I think, this is because GL context is lost. But I can’t find in OpenGL specifications any information about context loosing. Can anyone give any links to specifications about context loosing?

OpenGL by design doesn’t lose the context, which is why you can’t find any info. I suspect you may have a driver bug instead; Intel GMA chips seem to be designed more around the D3D specification and can perform and behave poorly with OpenGL (D3D does lose the device when minimizing a fullscreen Window and needs special handling). If this is what’s happening (maybe check the Intel site and ask on the Intel forums) depending on your OS you might need to detect when the app is restored (by WM_ACTIVATE on Windows, for example), then recreate the context and all texture objects, etc. But be certain that this is what’s happening first.