hello all, i want to implement a console in my editor, not a q3 like console that appears from the top with openGl fonts and all that, just a simple window with a text in it. does anyone know what controler should i use? i tried edit box, but it impossibile to skip lines there, unless you fill it with ’ ', and using statics is fine, but there is no scrolling. should i use rich edit or something like that?

Did you try setting the ES_WANTRETURN style on the edit box?

Edit: And possibly ES_MULTILINE?

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I use a list box for the text to display, and an edit box for the text to enter. Create a list box, give it a control, and then:

m_listBox.InsertString(-1, m_pString);

The -1 tells the list box contol to put the string at the end of the list.

I don’t know if this is what you were looking for, but it works well both in a splitter window framework as well as a modeless floating toolbar dialog.



ill go with the list box idea, thank you very much.

So I’m having this problem where my Echo Layla-20 is giving out a loud hum, but only when I cold boot it after it’s been off for a while. Does it have a bad power supply? Should I send it back?

Oh, and what’s your opinion on the Genelec 1091A subwoofer; is it a worthwhile addition for my 1029A monitors?