considering unit tag from dae file to OGRE.

Ref link :

In collada spce 1.4.1,they mention a unit tag which specified the unit they have used measure the object in collda file.Something like:
<unit meter=“1” name=“meter”/>

If the collda file contains unit as below :
<unit name=“inches” meter=“0.0254”/> i.e., it uses inches as its measuring unit.

When i Import in Ogre or any other tool,I have 2 solutions:

  1. Applying the scaling factor accordingly(with some logic) to the ogre scenenode so that object will be clearly visible no matter weather the unti tag in collada file is in inches,cm,feet.etc.,
  2. Changing the object size in ogre as per the unit mentioned in DAE file. ie., if unit tag is in meters. (applying the multiplication factor to the object’s coord in ogre).

Suggest if there is a better way and pros/cons of above 2 solutions…