Congrats for the MX users

Hi guys and congratiolations about the new NV drivers.Good to know that the VBO bug has been finaly fixed on the MX cards.Last night i tried rendering the Tom’s demo for VBO and i was glad to see that it renders 3M triangles/s on 3 FPS.Before that it didn’t even wanted to start.Anyway cool demo Tom!Still the thing that i guess everyone exept is the 1.5 drivers.Can i ask one question?Are fragment shaders gonna be supported on MX cards with the 1.5 drivers?10x!

The MX series can’t support fragment shaders (they are all more or less based on the GeForce 2).

They are modified GF2 right but the most of the copabilities are presented.Don’t know what’s wrong with the implementation of fragment shaders.Also the 3D textures are missing which is also not very good.Anyway i guess it’s time to take something better!

Originally posted by Mihail121:
They are modified GF2 right but the most of the copabilities are presented.

That’s wrong.The GF2-Core has no hardware capabilities for 3D-Textures or fragmentshaders, and implementing those in software (on the CPU) makes no sense, as it would be slow as hell.(Try to use 3D-Textures on a GF2/GF4MX and you’ll see what I mean).Even vertexshaders are done by the CPU on those gfx-card generation.

If you really need it for development, I guess nvEmulate will do just fine - I emulated an NV3x on my NV15 and it worked however when you use NV3x specific render paths it becomes very very very very slow (.3fps at best).