im using dev c++ and i follows nehe’s tutorial word by word, and im on tutorial number 6, the one where you texture, and its giving me the problem of
74 main.cpp
implicit declaration of function `int free(…)’

what is line 74 in your code?
the surrounding lines would be nice too

if (TextureImage[0]) // If Texture Exists
if (TextureImage[0]->data) // If Texture Image Exists
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////
free(TextureImage[0]->data); // Free The Texture Image Memory

line 74 right here>>>>free(TextureImage[0]); // Free The Image Structure

return Status;										// Return The Status


If your are working with C, put :
#include <stdlib.h>

at the top of your C file.

I am not sure about C++, it may work too.

Could be a misplaced bracket {} somewhere. You opened one and forgot to close it. I think I got a similar mistake yesterday and was confused until I noticed I had commented out an opening bracket { while the closing one was still there.

Spartan 086

Just an idea but, close the if conditanal brackets with a semi colon > ;.

Might work.