Conflicting Animation Export Formats !

After using Collada for a few years now, I thought I would update the code to support multiple DCC and was shocked to see different standards being used especially in skinning. I am just getting frustrated. Any help will be appreciated.
Autodesk FBX Exporter:
Export of Skeleton Animation KeyFrames adds an additional <animation> for an animation.
<animation id=“Bone01-anim” name=“Bone01”>
<source id=“Bone01-rotateX-animation-inputANGLE”>
Collada NextGen:
<source id=“node-Bone01_rotationX.ANGLE-input”>
With identifier, the Collada NexGen does all kind of conflicting names, sids represented by names and all kinds of stuff.
I really need advice on which Plugin to base around my future codebase. Given Autodesk owns Max, Maya and Softimage, I am tempted to go with Autodesk FBX Standard. Please help.


Looks like the FBX export creates an empty animation element, that can safely be ignored (since it is empty anyways)
Did you try to pass the coherency test on those 2 exports ?

The FBX / COLLADA exporter is quite buggy as far as I know… frustrating I agree.
This is why there is a need for the plug-ins in sourceforge. Maybe one day FBX will do a good job at supporting COLLADA and those issue will go away.

For now best is to use the Feeling 1.4.1 plug-ins (the next-gen are still in Beta), and report all bugs you find to Autodesk regarding the FBX/COLLADA implementation.