Computer Freezes on Medal of Honor

Currently my computer keeps freezing when I play Mohaa and Battlefield 1942. I’ve updated my motherboard bios, Video drivers still freezes and i have to reboot the whole system anybody got an idea how to fix this problem. This is my system below

Windows XP professional
Barton 2500 AMD chip
1024 Ram
Geforce2 mx/mx 400 video card W/64 MEGS
DirectX8 tried 9 still did it

If you are using the latest drivers from, try going back to the older version. On my machine quake 3 was freezing after running for few minutes and since MOHAA is using the same 3D engine it would probably do the same.

Good luck…

tryed going back to old drivers didn’t work. I could play some then during the game it would freeze again.

I looks like the newer Detonator/Forceware drivers are only stable in conjunction with GeforceFX cards.

Did you tried the 29.42 drivers yet?

tryed the 29.42 driver it didn’t work. I could play for a little bit then it would freeze up made up to 3 completed missions then it froze

I just saw that your motherboard uses an VIA chipset, so did you tried the new 4in1 (or whatever they are called now) drivers from VIA?

As I just wrote in another thread, I avoid VIA chipsets like a plague…

I’m having exactly the same problem in Alice, Quake and MOHAA, all these games are using the same engine, which led me to beleive its an OpenGL problem i’m using windows XP PRO build 2600

i’m running a Geforce 2 PRO/GTS (AGP)
Geforce 4 MX440 (PCI)
Celeron 2Ghz
256 DDR 333

I also thought it might be heat problems with the graphics cards since it freezes quicker when i run it at a higher resolution with better details, i havn’t tried stinking on a better heatsink and fan but i will soon, i’l keep you posted

i just recently installed win xp pro. i cant run games that use the q3 engine ethier. i am also running a gforce3 card and i have an almost identical system as Robtruck. sorry to say but every where i have looked (and i spent weeks) looks like you need more memory or new vid card. im about to try it so ill keep you guys posted.

ok…meer seconds from buying new memory i came across a guy who is a god…on irc.
his user name is Milla`J and he helped me out HUGE. drivers for the g2, g3, and g4 vid card, couppled w/ windows xp and amd. is not the problem. altho amd has a apg glitch and can be fixed {amd has a patch on thier web page)drivers for the nvida card and punk buster have a serious software conflict. old drivers are the solution! but not just any old drivers. driver version seems to work the best for me, i tryed other versions and i still had lock ups…hope it works for u guys…g/l gg drivers

Heya, I am having exactly the same problems and wondered if any of you guys had actually fixed the problem completely?

I have:

AMD XP 3000+ CPU
512mb DDR
Nvidia GF4 MX440 graphics card

I can’t seem to find any old drivers :s can anyone help :’(


if you have irc go to
/join #qcad
ill help u there