compressed textures tutorial


Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial about the usage of GL_ARB_texture_compression extension? I’ve been looking for that in the NVIDIA developers site with no results (it has to be there, somewhere ).

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hm, actually the extension is very easy to use and IMO reading the specs is enough for implementing texture compression support.

If you do not want to precompress textures, but to compress them when loading you only have to change one thing: the internal format for the glTexImage2D function to either GL_COMPRESSED_RGB, GL_COMPRESSED_ALPHA, GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA, … (three more constants for luminance and intensity textures) and thats all - you should notice a little speedup if you app is fillrate limited.


Thank you Lev!

That explains why I can’t find any tutorial. It sounds very easy


I found a doc on this, if you still need this info, let me know

hi Master Lolo!

I would like to see that doc to get more info. Do you have a link?