Completely uninstall OpenXR runtime and everything related to it

Hey guys I am having some serious issues. Ever since I installed open XR and open Composite my Hp Reverb G2 has been rendered almost completely unusable. What happens is that the headset will go to a black screen if I turn my head left or right. Works fine if I keep my head still. I know this sounds like a hardware issue, however if I uninstall steam vr mixed reality for steam vr and restart, works like a charm. No issues. As a test I installed steam vr by itself, no issues. Moment I install mixed reality for steam vr, breaks.

I’ve already uninstalled mixed reality and the mixed reality portal, reinstalled drivers for the hp reverb, uninstalled steam vr, and uninstalled mixed reality for steam vr. I’ve gone to %localappdata% and deleted the entire folder for open composite, I’ve deleted the steam vr folder from steam after uninstallation, installed mixed reality for steam to a different drive, and obviously restarted multiple times. I’ve also uninstalled open xr tools AND open xr stuff from the apps section of the settings in windows. I’ve located EVERYTHING I could thats related to open xr and got rid of it and it STILL breaks when I have mixed reality for steam vr installed. There is something residual thats causing it to do this and I have no idea what is left. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am on a windows 11 machine with an I7-13700kf and an rtx 3080ti for anyone that wants specs

Unfortunately I don’t have any specific suggestions for you, just that there is no such thing as the OpenXR runtime. The drivers for each vendor’s device contain the OpenXR runtime for that device (or multiple of them), so if you have multiple devices you might have multiple OpenXR runtimes installed (although only one of them is active at a time).
The situation is similar to OpenGL or Vulkan where the drivers for your graphics card contain the implementations of those APIs.

The UIs that come with the drivers/tools for a device usually have a UI to make that device’s runtime the current OpenXR runtime. Also, SteamVR can show you which runtime is current (under Settings/Developer “Current OpenXR Runtime”) and there are some tools to switch the runtime (see e.g. this thread for some links) that can also enumerate which ones are installed.

Almost sounds like you’ve got some corruption in Windows MR-related files. You can check with something like chkdsk and sfc /scannow. It’s probably not OpenXR-specific based on your description, but the registry keys used by OpenXR apps are documented in the loader design doc (not linking because manually editing the registry can be a bad idea). The other thing that crossed my mind is possible driver issues with the GPU driver.

I’ve just reinstalled the drivers for my gpu, no success

Also how do i delete ALL windows mixed reality files?