Complete window view on 1 size of a square

Hi everybody,

When I was looking around the net for some neat effects in opengl I found somebody who managed to put his whole window (what he coded: cubes, scrollers etc… ) onto the 6 sites of a cube which rotated also on that window.

Is this hard to do ?
Can somebody explain me how it works ?


Texture mapping

If you want to fetch to desktop while running you need to use some OS specifiec function to get it, on windows this is pretty simple using the desktop window handle.



Its called render-to-texture. Fist you render your scene to a texture and then you render a cube with said texture. If you do a search for “render to texture” you should find all the info you need.

Thanks guys,

I did not even knew how this was called :slight_smile:

Appreciated I’ll give it a go.