Compiling under mandrake9.1

ok i’ve been trying to compile a Linux program called Blender under Mandrake9.1

it wouldn’t compile using the nv drivers that come with the distro

so i installed Nvidia drivers (the latest)
they installed fine

but i still got the same openGl errors when compiling

these are the last three lines, the rest were all fine.
checking for glIsTexture in -lGL… yes
checking for gluGetString in -lGLU… no
configure: error: OpenGL not found on your system - cannot continue

so i have no clue why, or what this means, i’m pretty new to linux, and this is frustrating as hell.

thanks for your help


It means that the standard helper library GLU was not found. If you dont have it installed can you get it as a rpm from the mesa page, if I remember right.
You probably also want to copy nvidias headers found in /usr/share/doc/NV… to /usr/include/GL.
In case you have problem compiling OpenGL C++ after that do you have an updated glu.h in the mesa cvs.

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