Compiling the simple programs

I want to compile a simple program that uses from the UG files.
I have added the ug.lib to my library; But i receive many linking errors for ug functions.How can i solve this problem?
type of Project: Win32 consol application
Compiler: VC++6.0–I haven’t the service pack 5.0 of it.


Which distribution of UG are you refering to? The one that comes with the reference implementation or the one that comes with Vincent?

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I have downloaded it from the following path:
After unzipping, All the following folders consist of the ug.lib file:



So which ug.lib should i use?
in summery i have used from the suggested files in your site.

Well, none of them is for VC 6/Win32.

All the versions you can download are for Windows Mobile, either actual devices (ARM, XScale) or the Emulator (emu).

You might be able to adapt the source code though.

Hope that helps.


1)As i have understood, the UG is the equivalent API for the GLUT or GLAUX. is it true?
2)If we want to write an OpenGL Win32 application program, we must use from the WGL–for windows.For OpenGL|ES, which API do we use?
3)Can we compile our OpenGL|ES programs with VC++6.0–in windows XP?Is there any UG library for VC++6.0?

  1. yes
  2. The egl… functions are the equivalent.
  3. I a not aware of a Win32 desktop version of UG; as said, you should be able to adjust the sources for Windows Mobile. What implementation of OpenGL ES are you using?
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OK.I’m using from the OpenGL|ES 1.1.
So should i compile my programs in the pocket PC?–I haven’t it and in our country there’s no such windows mobiles.

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