compiling problems

Ich copied a source from NeHe into my workspace and wanted to compile it, but it dont work. I formated may computer, so i wanted to test if it compile, but it doesnt. Here’s the error…i hope, anybody can help me

--------------------Konfiguration: OGL_Cubeanimation - Win32 Debug--------------------
Kompilierung läuft…
c:\programme\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\shellapi.h(2) : error C2146: Syntaxfehler : Fehlendes ‘;’ vor Bezeichner ‘HINSTANCE’
c:\programme\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\shellapi.h(2) : error C2501: ‘WINSHELLAPI’ : Fehlende Speicherklasse oder Typbezeichner
c:\programme\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\shellapi.h(2) : fatal error C1004: Unerwartetes Dateiende gefunden
Fehler beim Ausführen von cl.exe.

OGL_Cubeanimation.obj - 3 Fehler, 0 Warnung(en)

Ok. I don’t understand the German there but if I’m reading this correctly it looks like you maybe didn’t #include <windows.h> before something that requires Windows definitions. You’re obviously using VC++. What are you using to create the window? (MFC/Win32/Glut?) Some code might help. Or a translation of the compile errors.

thanks for help, but I included the <windows.h>. I used the NeHe code. It had to work, i think. I test other codes, too. Same output…shell…sorry, please help me

Hmmm… I’m not sure then without looking at the code more closely. If you don’t mind me poking around in your code at all, you could send me the project to look at.