Compiling Mesa 7.0

I’m using VC.NET 2003 to compile it (it being the VC7) and I got the following error message.
mesa fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: ‘Mesa-7.0\src\mesa nl _vtx_generic.c’: No such file or directory

That file does not exist.

PS: Anyone know where I can find a ready made dll?
PPS : certain previous copies I could compile, but in general, it’s not possible.

Don’t know for VS.NET 2003 but it works with VS 2005 and Visual C++ Express Edition which is free. You can check the differences between the 2005 and 2003 projects to see what’s wrong.

Can’t even compile with Express since it’s missing windows.h and more. This is just for learning, making console project.

I copied over the missing files from Mesa 6.5 but I’m getting compile errors. Can you send the dll you have? vmelkon T yahoo dotcom

To get windows.h for VC++ Express Edition, you must install Platform SDK. Just follow instructions on this page: