Compiling Kernel With Struct Pointer in Argument

All, I am trying to compile a very simple RGB kernel. However, my compilation fail and my build log is empty… I am at a complete loss. Could anyone offer any assistance?

typedef struct OpenCLImage_t
	int width;
	int widthStep;
	int height;
	int channels;
} OpenCLImage;

__kernel void opencl_rgb_kernel(__global OpenCLImage* input, __global unsigned char*  input_data, __global OpenCLImage* output, __global unsigned char * output_data)
	int pixel_x = get_global_id(0);
	int pixel_y = get_global_id(1);
	unsigned char * cur_in_pixel, *cur_out_pixel;
	float avg = 0;

	if(pixel_x < input.width && pixel_y < input.height)
		cur_in_pixel = (unsigned char *)(input_data + pixel_y*input.widthStep + pixel_x * input.channels);
		cur_out_pixel = (unsigned char *)(output_data + pixel_y*output.widthStep + pixel_x * output.channels);

		avg += cur_in_pixel[0];
		avg += cur_in_pixel[1];
		avg+= cur_in_pixel[2];
		avg /=3.0f;

		if(avg > 255.0)
			avg = 255.0;
		else if(avg < 0)
			avg = 0;

		*cur_out_pixel = avg;

I apologize, I just realized I switched from by value structs to pointer structs and forgot to implement update the kernel itself…

I wish an error was given by the build log. Who do I contact to provide some feedback on this?