Compiling (?) GLUI on MacOS X

Has anyone succesfully compiled the GLUI Library in MacOS X? I have been trying to make a ProjectBuilder project first to make and then to link the GLui Labrary, to no avail.

I hacked together something that worked a while ago and have been meaning to tidy it up and submit the changes to Paul Rademacher. Try this:

  1. Global search and replace. Change GL/ to GLUT/ (in #includes).

  2. Changes to main() in example1.cpp, example2.cpp, example3.cpp, example4.cpp, and example5.cpp:

    2.1 Add the following as the first line in the body of main():
    glutInit(&argc, argv);

    2.2 Change the return type of main() to int ie. int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    2.3 Add return 0; as the last line in the body of main.

If you are using the command line compiler with a Makefile replace the first few lines in the Makefile with:

CC=c++ -O3

libs = ${FRAMEWORKS} ${GLLIBS} -lobjc

LIBGLUI= -Llib -lglui

If you are using Project Builder use a Kernal Extension->Library target, and include the GLUT framework. I have a PB project that compiles the lib and all the examples if you want it.



Thank you very much for the offer. I’ll take you upon it. If it isn’t over 1 Mb, you can send me the PB project to leguinn at hotmail dot com.

Best regards


Success! I finally got it working!!!

In addition to making Jed’s suggested changes, this is the makefile I whipped. All my old Wintel examples work now flawlessly.


#This makefile is only for MacOS X

#Glui local subdirectories bin and lib must already exist
#if not, create them with mkdir (or command shift N)



CC=c++ -O3

libs = ${FRAMEWORKS} ${GLLIBS} -lobjc

LIBGLUI= -Llib -lglui

All: lib/libglui.a bin/example1 bin/example2 bin/example3 bin/example4 bin/example5

GLUI_OBJS = glui_add_controls.o glui.o glui_bitmap_img_data.o glui_bitmaps.o glui_button.o glui_edittext.o glui_checkbox.o glui_node.o glui_radio.o glui_statictext.o glui_panel.o glui_separator.o glui_spinner.o glui_control.o glui_column.o glui_translation.o glui_rotation.o glui_mouse_iaction.o glui_listbox.o glui_rollout.o arcball.o algebra3.o quaternion.o

bin/example1: $(GLUI_OBJS) example1.o lib/libglui.a
@echo “Linking example1”
$(CC) $(CFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LPATH) example1.o $(LIBGLUI) $(libs) -o bin/example1

bin/example2: $(GLUI_OBJS) example2.o lib/libglui.a
@echo “Linking example2”
$(CC) $(CFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LPATH) example2.o $(LIBGLUI) $(libs) -o bin/example2

bin/example3: $(GLUI_OBJS) example3.o lib/libglui.a
@echo “Linking example3”
$(CC) $(CFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LPATH) example3.o $(LIBGLUI) $(libs) -o bin/example3

bin/example4: $(GLUI_OBJS) example4.o lib/libglui.a
@echo “Linking example4”
$(CC) $(CFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LPATH) example4.o $(LIBGLUI) $(libs) -o bin/example4

bin/example5: $(GLUI_OBJS) example5.o lib/libglui.a
@echo “Linking example5”
$(CC) $(CFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LPATH) example5.o $(LIBGLUI) $(libs) -o bin/example5

lib/libglui.a: $(GLUI_OBJS)
@echo “Creating library”
libtool -static -v -o lib/libglui.a $(GLUI_OBJS)

$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(INCS) $*.cpp

$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(INCS) $*.c
/bin/rm *.o

algebra3.o: algebra3.h
arcball.o: arcball.h algebra3.h quaternion.h stdinc.h
example1.o: glui.h
example2.o: glui.h
example3.o: glui.h
example4.o: glui.h
glui.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_add_controls.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_checkbox_0.c glui_img_checkbox_1.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_radiobutton_0.c glui_img_radiobutton_1.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_uparrow.c glui_img_downarrow.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_leftarrow.c glui_img_rightarrow.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_spinup_1.c glui_img_spinup_0.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_spindown_1.c glui_img_spindown_0.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_checkbox_0_dis.c glui_img_checkbox_1_dis.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_radiobutton_0_dis.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_radiobutton_1_dis.c glui_img_spinup_dis.c
glui_bitmap_img_data.o: glui_img_spindown_dis.c
glui_bitmaps.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_button.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_checkbox.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_column.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_control.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_edittext.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_node.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_panel.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_radio.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_separator.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_spinner.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_statictext.o: glui.h stdinc.h
quaternion.o: quaternion.h algebra3.h stdinc.h
glui_translation.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_rotation.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_mouse_iaction.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_listbox.o: glui.h stdinc.h
glui_rollout.o: glui.h stdinc.h

Congratulations Leguinn.

Did you receive the PB files I sent through? Send me an email at jedsoane at if you didn’t.

Also here’s a nicer way to add the Apple headers so that the same code will compile on other platforms:

#if defined(APPLE_CC)
#include <GLUT/glut.h>
#include <GL/glut.h>


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