Compiling error of texture3D

There’s a compiling error in the following geometry shader:

error C1101: ambiguous overloaded function reference “texture3D(sampler3D, vec3)”
(0) : gp4 fp50 vp50 cp50 gp50 uvec4 texture3D(usampler3D, vec3)
(0) : gp4 fp50 vp50 cp50 gp50 ivec4 texture3D(isampler3D, vec3)

// these lines enable the geometry shader support.
#version 150
#extension GL_ARB_geometry_shader4 : enable
uniform sampler3D Diagonal;
void main( void )
vec4 CurCoord = gl_PositionIn[0];
vec3 vDiagonal = texture3D(Diagonal,;

vec3 vDiagonal = texture(Diagonal,;


vec4 vDiagonal4 = texture(Diagonal,;
vec3 vDiagonal =;

I think texture3D has been deprecated, use texture function instead.

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