Compiler errors (this might be an easy oversight)

i am new to building code on linux so here goes. i use anjuta for my IDE. and ofcoarse it utilizes the stock compilers for linux. my question is i added /usr/include/Mesa-3.4.2 (actual location) to my paths, so as to search in that directory when ever i reference any code ultilizing an header file or what ever. my anjuta IDE builds projects in my root directory, so i compile code in /root or /home/dev and when i compile the fire.c demo that came with the Mesa Demos it comes up with this error, i havent seen this one before so i would ask if anyone else has seen it and could help : “In file included from /usr/include/math.h:350 from main c:11”
11:= ‘#include <math.h>’ copied direct from fire.c (in demo dir in mesa 3.4.2)
350:=’#include</usr/include/bits/mathline.h>’ (math.h)
can anyone help, i think this is a simple link err, but i am not familiar with that syntax of err

on line 350 in math.h it says this in the comments

:/* Get machine-dependent inline versions (if there are any). */

You just posted the first line of the error message. Typically those kinds of errors span several lines.

We need more.

And it isn’t a link error, it’s a compiler error.

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