Compiler Design... Anyone That Can Help!


I am looking to make a compiler… I know about virtual machines and all and i like the idea behind it all but I want to make a true compiler… It really compiler the high-level code into low-level assembly code…

I really don’t have a lot of money to buy a book (I Wish I did) do you know of any ONLINE tutorials? Free ones? I know the compiler will not be the best… But I think that there is some one out there that can make a very good compiler and has taken a compiler class has made a web site showing other people how to with not going into real big detail on theory because you don’t have to 100% know theory to make a compiler it makes it easier but you dont…

Please anyone that knows of one please let me know!,
Thanks A Lot!!!,

Are you looking in to making a compiler for just OpenGL or are you looking for just a regular programming language. You may try some other forum if the latter is the case. There are many of forums out there. Through not all are helpful.