compiled vertex array - just released my code

You can download my code from How it works:

  • load “landscape.png”
  • create heightmap from it
  • create patches of size 65*65
  • create vertex array from heightmap for every patch
  • sort faces by textures
  • glLockArraysEXT
  • for every texture: glDrawElements
  • glUnlockArraysEXT
    When i remove Lock/Unlock - framerate doesn’t drop! But now I am drawing only single-pass, no multitexturing (lighting is based on normals, I will fix it later).

LockArrays is often only a win if you multi-pass your geometry. It is also often a no-op if your array is too big (for an undefined value of big). 65x65 == 4225 which may be too big. Drivers probably optimize LockArrays for Quake 3, which submits a few hundred verts (up to a thousand or so) per lock.