Compile OpenXR for Android

Hi, I’m trying to compile the source so that I can get for x64 using cmake and/or VS 2019 but I can only seem to get the dll or lib file. Has anyone done this before? If so any suggestions on how to do this relatively painlessly?

If you’re trying to get the loader for Android you have to use an Android toolchain. We already provide builds: See the releases here for instructions on how to use the AAR file in the Gradle build system to build Android stuff. (An AAR is like a library package for Android Gradle. At its core it is just a zip file so you can unzip it if you are not using Gradle) Releases · KhronosGroup/OpenXR-SDK-Source · GitHub

The scripts that produce those builds are in the tree under maintainer-scripts, they’re mostly a normal CMake Android toolchain build but with a few special options passed to the build system and some post-processing to produce the AAR.

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