Compatible PixelFormat for metafile

is there any compatible pixelformat with a metafile handle? I can render to a window , but how I can render to a Metafile?

I don’t believe there is an implementation of OpenGL for rendering to a windows metafile.

Just maybe it seems somewhat weird to render to a metafile. but I have read that, this is possible in an article by Richard S. Wright. If we think a little deeper it may seem reasonable. Because we have a device context to a metafile, as we have this for any MS WINDOWS’ window. So what is the main problem here? Why we can render to a window and can not render to a metafile. It seem to me that the problem is not having a suitable pixelformat for it.

OpenGL is implemented differently for various classes of GDI DCs. For instance, hardware accelerated implementation cannot render to windows bitmaps (only microsoft software implementation can do it). To render to a metafile via GL you need an implementation that converts GL commands to GDI commands and records them in the file. I very much doubt that anyone has ever written something like this.

To sum it up, you are right, if there is no pixel format that allows metafile rendering (SUPPORT_OPENGL on a metafile dc) then there is no implementation for it (as pixel format selects the implementation).

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