compatibility of openGL2.0 with the set up of openGL1.2

Dear friend,
I already have the header’s, lib’s and dll’s for openGL1.2. Now, I want to use openGL2.0 for some texturing applicatios. Will I have to download separate header’s, lib’s and dll’s for that, or thosefor openGL1.2 can be used? Is there any feasibility to do so, even by making some modifications in the header’s,lib’s and dll’s of openGL1.2. Reply soon.

I am not sure if I understood you correctly.

You want to write an OpenGL application in C/C++ under windows (you mentioned dll’s) that does simple texutreing using OpenGL 1.2 or 2.0?

The thing is none of the 3d card vendors have a public available OpenGL 2.0 driver yet. The problem with windows is that Microsoft does not update the OpenGL32.dll and OpenGL32.lib there are still OpenGL 1.1, thats why everybody needs to use the extension mechanism to access the 1.2+ functions under windows. The same will be true for the OpenGL 2.0 functions.

If you just want to simple textureing OpenGL1.2 can do that just fine.