Comparing OpenGL on Windows and Linux?

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good resources out there that compare the performance of OpenGL applications on Windows systems vs Linux ones? Failing that, anyone got an opinion?!


Iโ€™m assuming there is a difference in performance :slight_smile:

Originally posted by tidyvision:
OpenGL applications on Windows systems vs Linux ones?
I actually prefer Linux โ€“ from a developer point-of-view. I cannot offer anything meaningful in terms of performance other than to say that drivers for Windows are usually available sooner than they are for Linux.

I heard that some applications are faster on linux than on win32 but I never checked that and itโ€™s probably machine-dependant and application-dependant.
I agree on the stuff about avaiability.

While GL itself is the same, the WM-specific part looks much better on X than on win32. WGL has some nasty features here and there. GLX makes me pretty happy, I must say however that porting win32 code to X/GLX has been a real pain. Took much more time to develop than the win32 stuff.

Some friends told me that drivers are not so easy to install on everything but win32. This is a problem vendors should think about. NV drivers are the best here.

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