comp. problems with OpenGL

Ok… I am wondering, Does OpenGL come with the download of the driver, like in my case, i download a driver for my RADEON 7200 64mb AGP aka Radeon VE, and it says that the driver supports Opengl, ok, so does that mean OpenGL comes with the driver, or do i have to get it some place else?

oh oh oh look… i have a new Radeon 7500 … ive downloaded the latest and only drivers from Open GL is in it… another place and VERY GOOD place is but for now it only supports 1st release Radeon … like my Radeon 64DDR VIVO on another computer, well well, it will be supported by GLsetup soon… so contact me on and i will reply you when GLsetup will support your Radeon 7200 …now try to use the sucky Open GL drivers gaven in your ATI drivers…