Commercial Font Library

Does anyone know of a good commercial package that would provide font support to an OpenGL application. Something that would draw True Type fonts to a bitmap for display by OpenGL. A company that provides packages for both Windows and Linux would be preferable.


It’s not a commercial library, but it’s definitly ready for commercial use.

I’m tinkering with FTGL right now. For high performance and crisp-like-a-word-processor text, should we be using FTGLTextureFont or FTGLPixmapFont?

So far I haven’t succeeded in getting 12 point text to be crisp for either… :frowning:

Using freetype 2.1.10


Oh and I am on Windows.

Anyone else using Windows + FTGL and getting small crisp text? Or are people doing their own code on top of freetype?


You can try Amanith ( ), that is fully crossplatform.

Blizzard also uses Freetype 2.0 AFAIK in their games. And they are not uncommercial :wink: