Command Lists & Framebuffer


i have just adopted the sample from

However, the extensions lacks some critical features and I want to know why.

So far I can concatenate drawCalls, more similar to displayList (which was before my time so im a little shaky in this regard), than to the multi indirect pipeline, which can be directed using compute shadres.

I can enque some state switches, such as viewports, but I cannot switch or clear framebuffers, why is that.

The Framebuffer is added to the tokensequence but still has to be set manually, so why enqueing it in the first place.
The stateCapture seems to be centered around the draw call, is there something similar for clearing?

What I want to know is this: Can I expect this features to be added or is this some pipeline/state/validation/… detail that cannot be implemented in the GL pipeline using the command list extension.