Combining Points into one VBO

hi in my app, I’ve got many points. If I want to speedup rendering, the fastest way seems combining them together into one VBO (one vertex array for multiple points) and then draw them with one call. What is optimal size of that array, does have OpenGL problems with allocating too big arrays on GPU ?? I also really need to store those points in CPU.

You usually can assume that you can use an arbitrary large vertex buffer and it should be just fine. However, you should tell us how many points do you plan to have. Thousands? Millions? More?

array od size 30k+ and not bigger than 500 000.

Some info here

Incidentally, do you know if the proposed range of 1MB to 4MB still holds for buffers?

Yes and the GL will generate a GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error if you try too allocate a buffer with an invalid size.

I can construct buffer anyway I want to.
Thanks for answers