Combining Images and Paths


I want to use together raster and vector graphics, I have the following situation:

  • When I use vgimagedraw alone (no path drawing) a 32 sARGB image is displayed correctly, with the alpha channel OK (I can see the clear color just OK)
  • If I draw some paths, even just one simple path the image is drawn but the alpha channel is ignored. The pixels that should appear transparent are now solid black for instance

Is this something expected? do I need to do something to handle both imges + paths? To me Sounds more like a bug. I am using Amanith PC emulation, if so, the only option would be to report it…


Problem got solved by changing the blend mode to be VG_BLEND_SRC_OVER before drawing the image. The libraries I was using where modifying the blend mode so I didn’t noticed at the beginning.