Combining gid and opengl

I am using opengl and win32. I need to render a screen using opengl, and paste a bitmap on it (using gid, i presume). can some1 help me?
I have tried to use glFinish() followed by some basic gdi commands, but i am having some trouble with the buffer swapping…
i am not very conversant with gdi.
please help

I suggest that you don’t use GDI function calls with device contexts associated with rendering contexts. Instead, use GL functions like glReadPixels, glDrawPixels, and windows’ DIB (Device Independent Bitmaps).

I’ve tried doing OpenGL w/GDI but it doesn’t really work for the buffering. I never could figure out or find out how do make the buffering work right. If you can’t get it either but still want to use GDI, perhaps Driect3D/GDI/DirectDraw might be a good solution.

If you want some code of how to read from or write to the frame buffer, send me a letter and I’ll try to write you some code.

I think that GDI and OpenGL can not be combined using double buffering. Should be in the doc from MSDN.