Colour diffs ... HP SV6 vs SGI O2

Hi, I get different colours between the two systems.

The HP spec is “hp workstation b2600 with hp fx10 pro graphics card”

The O2 is R5000, Irix 6.5, 128 Mb

Check these jpg’s … to see what I mean.

I am using the HP remotely via a secure link
(ssh with X forwarding).

Relevant code:


colour and vertices thus:

glVertex3f(0.0, 1.0, 0.0);

Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

Flat shading seems OK, BUT, other smooth shading rendering does give the correct colours, and I can see no different between
the ones which work and those which fail!

Any pointers which might help me track this down gratefully received.



Hi Rob!

Strange and silly (!?) All I can say is that on the HP, the blue channel is always 1.0 (which sounds like an error). Could this be some kind of overflow/rounding error (0.0 turns into 1.0 for the blue channel somehow)? Have you tried using glColor3ub etc instead? Try using e.g. (254,1,1) instead of (255,0,0) etc.