Colored problems ...

Hi !

I’ve got problems with an app written for SGI : Colors don’t come correctly. From time to time (!) the window raises with junk colors and no Z-buffer at all. My config is :
Red Hat 6.2
Mesa 3.1
X11 and glX for window features, OpenGL of course…

I choose an RGB - Doublebuffer visual, and can’t find out why colors are not correctly set.

Any idea would be great, thanks …

Can you post the code you used to create the window and the visual? It may be something as simple as not setting the size of the color buffers.

Meanwhile I read the Mesa doc (sorry for posting a documented topic!), and the pb comes from the glXchooseVisual fn : under Mesa, it returns all sort of Visuals even if we ask for an RGB one.

Thanks for spending time.