Color matrix


i would like to use the color matrix to adjust brightness and contrast. I read in a book how to do this, but it seems not to work:

glMatrixMode (GL_COLOR);
glTranslatef (0.5,0.5,0.5);

(I call those functions after glClear, but before everything is drawn.)

This should darken everything i think, but it just happens nothing.

I checked for error codes, but there are none. I checked the required extension (ARB_imaging), but it´s there (Geforce 2).
So, where could be the error?

Hope someone knows how to do it properly.


Appears you are using it correctly.
What are you drawing?
Color Matrix should work with
glDrawPixels as well as glTexSubImage2D
but I dont believe it works with
primatives like lines or polys.

Also, wont work with the new ati radeon
drivers at all. Nvidia is generally supported
but slow slow slow.