Collsion respone

I made a bounding box for a car and all the objects and i do the collision detection…
After that,i’m no idea how the car should be respone after collided some objects?

how i know the direction rebound of the car?
and so on…? and how abt the objects were collided by the car? and how its look like…
Do i need to apply the teorem of force in this problem?( F = ma)or other teorem physic?

To be “exact” you should find the normal of the colliding points (thing you can’t do by only using bboxes).

The other way is to find the colliding triangles and use both the normals of the triangles to calculate the bounce vector, this must be calculated using obj1 and obj2 speed and mass.

I personally use a “normal octree”, wich stores the average normal for the surface contained in a branch, this way i just need to find the two colliding branches and use theese normals.

Of course this is faster than testing triangles but is also less precise.

Hope it helps.


How i get the bounce vector?
After get the bounce vector,
what are the reactions of the car i can get from the bounce vector :

  • has overturn or not?
  • has spin around?
  • what happened to the portion of the cars
    which had crashed? how abt indent of the

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