I’m just started with gl…

I made model and loaded it in my prog.

  1. how can I make “floor”?
  2. how i do collision detect?

if i make world(what format should i use?) then how i can do collision…??

plz someone

You should use the format that works best for you, and only you can answe that.

As for collision detection, it depends on how you store your data, and how acurate you want your collision detecion, and what you want to test for collisions.

For object/object collisions, either use bounding boxes/spheres, or raw triangle/triangle collision. For object/indoor, a BSP tree might be good. For object/heightmap collision, solve the plane equation for the triangle you are currently standing on.

There are as many ways to perform collision detection as there is to store and use the data you render. Unless you are more specific, this is about all you can get as an answer.