collision detection

hello everyone
im trying to implement the pack man game,but im facing a problem whenever the pack is colliding with these dotted objects i cant delete them any ideas how to delete these dotted objects.In other words the pac is supposed to eat these dots im able to check if they are collide but im not able to make them deleted from the screen as if it ate the in other words how delete objects from the screen after being collided with other objects.hope you understood me n will able to help me :slight_smile:

There are many things wrong with this question.

First, it’s not about collision detection (you can already detect when collisions happen), so your thread title is wrong.

Second, it is most certainly not advanced.

Third, it’s cross-posted from your thread on deleting display lists.

Fourth, it was already answered: stop drawing the things that aren’t supposed to be there anymore. This is not something difficult. If you understand how an if-statement works, then you can do it. And if you don’t, then you need more programming experience before doing graphics work.

You need a generic programming or game programming forum. this is not an OpenGL question, unless you are using the screen as a persistent framebuffer. If so please give more detail in the beginners forum.

I am locking this thread.