Collision detection with selection mode?


Just one simple question. Can basic 3D collision detection be performed with OpenGL’s selection mechanism? Someone mentioned this to me, but I’m never seen a reference to this method in the red book (it does mention selection but from the user’s point of view) or in online tutorials (most mention sphere bounding box as the simplest method available for collision detection). If it exists, why is it seldom (or never) mentioned? Too slow? Too cumbersome?

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Frederico Jeronimo


Try another way.

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Try another way.[/b]

Thanks for the answer. But can you be a little more specific? I just want to know if it’s possible, out of curiosity. I’m not planning to use this method (if it exists).
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Frederico Jeronimo

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Sorry for the short reply, time is money

Here’s a link .

It is possible to do collision detection using the selection mode. You shouldn’t use it because it’s not meant for collision detection, and most important, most implementations can’t handle it in hardware.