Collision Dectection

hi I’m Casper
and i am not Super Smart but when i am 20
i am the smartest humen(I hope ) )
now i am 15 5 years to go.
and i have some questions (do i type this good i am dutch)
How Does Collisoin Detection work
and how to implent it into my OpenGL engine

Yo Casper,
Ik ben ook nederlands
I have found a nice link with collision detection source code, check it out:

Hope this helps!
(BTW ik ben ook pas 12)

Thanks, that is what I needed…
Hey, ik ben deutsch
Have you also this BSE stuff in news? It’s beginning to nerve me, I still want to go to fast food restaurants…

So McRib and McChicken will have a big revival in Germany :wink:

Oh yeah, that was a good one!
I never liked them much though…

hey have you got delphi versiyon of our this example?

What are the collisoin detection toolkits or libraries used by you, the opengl community?

Can we use,
RAPID, NewtonPhysics, ODE, V-Collide, I-Collide …

Can anyone please direct me to a proper link or some document?

Thank you so much.

Janaka Prabhash
“May all beings be happy and friendly …”

Have a look at this book: