ColladaMaya compiled for 8.0 (OSX)? Please help!

I’ve gone through a lot trying to get ColladaMaya working on my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.4.11) for Maya Unlimited 8.0. :?

I’ve contacted Feeling Software, Autodesk, and posted on several forums on how to compile this plug-in for 8.0 using XCode, FCollada, Cg Toolkit, & the Maya SDK from my installation disc (which doesn’t install properly on my machine :!: I think it’s for PPC or something).

My question is: does ANYONE out there have a Collada plug-in compiled for Maya 8.0 they can send me? Or has anyone done this before? If so could you please please please help your fellow Collada fan out with getting this thing together. Thank you!

You can try to compile it with the new version of the COLLADAMaya tools (nextgen) that can be found at We did not compile it with 8.0 yet but will put it on our todo list. Build instructions are available at

To build the COLLADAMaya plug-in, you need following installations:
-	Autodesk Maya, including the SDK
- 	Boost C++ libraries

Supported versions of Autodesk Maya are:
-	Autodesk Maya 8.5
-	Autodesk Maya 2008
-	Autodesk Maya 2009

Supported and tested versions of boost c++ libraries:
-	Boost 1.35
-	Boost 1.36

You can download the latest sources of boost from:
Please install boost in the default folders on OSMac.

You also need a gcc compiler. The Project was build and tested with XCode. You 
can find the XCode project file in 

Download and compile the sources of COLLADAMaya from

Open the project from ~project_dir/COLLADAMaya/COLLADAMaya.xcodeproj
The solution configurations 
- Release 2009
- Debug 2009
- Release 2008
- Debug 2008
- Release 8.5
- Debug 8.5
will create a bundle called "COLLADAMaya.bundle". The file will be created in 
the output folder under 
~project_dir/COLLADAMaya/build/Debug, respectively in 

For help on installation, please read the INSTALL_MAC.TXT file.

Just to keep you updated: Version Maya 8.0 for MacOS X is currently unavailable on the Autodesk ADN site. They promised to fix it by the end of this week. Expect an official build on sourceforge as soon as we get it.