ColladaMaya blinn material specular roll off

Exporting a simple blinn sphere from Maya using ColladaMaya, I noticed the “Eccentricity” is exported as “Shininess” and the “Specular Roll Off” appears to be ignored entirely. I’m using Maya 2008, Extension 2 and FCOLLADA_VERSION 0x00030005.

Any ideas how to capture this Roll Off value without adding custom attributes?

Could you open a bug for this issue so we can track it ?


Well, first of all, we decided to cheat and rely on the Specular Color to provide intensity, so we found a workaround. Secondly, Maya Help doesn’t seem to have an equation for the “Specular Roll Off”, so what it does formulaically is a bit of a mystery, although I suspect it has to do with the extra attenuation and fresnel terms used by Blinn-Torrance-Sparrow. Lastly, where and what is the bug? Material export in ColladaMaya? Specular tags in Collada? Invisible formula in Maya? Also, I don’t see a “Post Bug” option in this forum…

The ColladaMaya project forum and trackers are at sourceforge:

and the bug for the spec can be reported to the ‘bug report’ link right above this window