ColladaMax - Max SP3 does it work?

Does anyone have this working with MaxSP3.
It just fails to initialize the plugin at startup.

I have copied in the old 2.10 files as instructed and installed using the batch files provided with ColladaMax 104 but nada.

chucks error code 127 at me

Same happens here. SP2 works fine though. Does the SP3 update “IGame.dll” AND the maxsdk interfaces? If so, you could try recompiling and fix any compatibility issues.

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I was able to make a build for SP3, contact me if you really need it.

i tried to compile it with vs2005 and didn’t really succeed.[!#*!- i just can’t.] will there be an official installer for 3dsmax8/sp3 or where could one get binaries?

thx, /matin.

Please open a bug at

On our website, you can download binary versions of ColladaMax for 3dsMax7 and 3dsMax8.

Internally, we use 3dsMax7 SP1 and 3dsMax8 SP3 to do all our testing. We know ColladaMax works with SP3, and while we are working on removing the IGame/3DXI dependency, right now: all the versions require a seperate download and install for the IGame/3DXI component. That’s all explained in the release note that comes with the plug-in and I do believe the installer mentions it too.