ColladaMax biped question

When I export my biped/physique model using ColladaMax1.03, I get something like this inside <library_visual_scenes>:

        &lt;node id="Bip01" sid="Bip01" name="Bip01" type="JOINT"&gt;
           &lt;matrix sid="transform"&gt;-0.700235 0.675556 0.230859 -2.148252 0.163266 -0.163267 0.972979 55.703735 0.694993 0.719005 0.004030 -19.284996 0 0 0 1&lt;/matrix&gt;
           &lt;node id="Bip01_PIVOT" name="Bip01_PIVOT"&gt;
              &lt;translate&gt;0 0 0 &lt;/translate&gt;
              &lt;scale&gt;0.270736 0.270736 0.270736 &lt;/scale&gt;
           &lt;node id="Bip01_Pelvis" sid="Bip01_Pelvis" name="Bip01_Pelvis" type="JOINT"&gt;
              &lt;matrix sid="transform"&gt;0 1.000000 -0.000001 -0.584585 -0.000001 0.000001 1.000000 0.000001 1.000000 0 0.000001 -0.000002 0 0 0 1&lt;/matrix&gt;
              &lt;node id="Bip01_Pelvis_PIVOT" name="Bip01_Pelvis_PIVOT"&gt;
                 &lt;translate&gt;0 0 0 &lt;/translate&gt;
                 &lt;scale&gt;0.216894 13.536781 10.829425 &lt;/scale&gt;

To simplify, the node hierarchy is this:


I have a question regarding these _PIVOT nodes. The nodes “Bip01_PIVOT” and “Bip01_Pelvis_PIVOT” do not exist in the original max file as far as I can see. So the exporter should be creating these nodes on export. Though exported, these nodes have no impact on the scene because they have no child nodes and nothing is instanced there. Am I supposed to just ignore them, or do I have to concate the transforms of the pivot nodes to their parent transform? (Bip01_PIVOT transforms are really Bip01 transforms?)

I managed to display basic skins/bones models but not biped models. So I thought it might be related to these mysterious _PIVOT nodes.

In 3dsMax, as far as I understand it, there are two matrices for each scene node. One is for the hierarchy and one is specific for the object at this node. In the COLLADA exporter, we expose those as the added “_PIVOT” nodes.

I’m not sure how biped deals with the two matrices.
Have you tried discarding the pivot scene nodes completely?
What was the result?


The problem with biped was due to my stupid mistake. Skinning and animation worked by discarding the pivot nodes.



I’m glad you got this to work!